Salary or Budget: $80K - $500K p.a
Experience required: 5+ years

Netflix’s INC Studio Team stands up full service creative, production and post executions for a multitude of business partners across Netflix and around the world. The INC team focuses on content that talks about Netflix as a business, brand, culture and company and uses storytelling to promote, educate, inform and inspire. 

Content lives both internally and externally and can range from long-form animated series to documentary interview style shoots and everything in between. We work on integrated campaigns, video series, one-off projects and a multitude of other projects and content types. We’re an ever-evolving and agile team; we tell stories for screens of all sizes. 

The Role 

The Producer acts as the key point of contact for all elements of the production process, working closely with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget, and on brand. They excel at managing multiple projects in a high-speed, high-performance environment and possess a calm demeanor, uses good judgment, and is an adaptable team player who revels in change for the better. Above all else, their goal is to help foster a creative, collaborative, safe, enjoyable work environment from pre-production meetings to calling wrap.


  • Supervise vendors when operating in a “managed” model as end-to-end project point of contact and project manager
  • Supervisor of direct project/production team and/or contingent talent attached to a project (production manager, coordinator, PA’s etc)
  • Accountable for the project timeline and ensuring milestones are met and delivery is hit on time
  • Accountable for line producing the budget and actualizing the budget of a given project
  • Responsible for data integrity across the board – accurate projections, bidding, budgeting and actualizing
  • Accountable for complete project wrap and all wrap materials
  • Accountable for complete budget wrap including all backup for expenses logged and aggregate in the wrap materials
  • Accountable for scheduling the final project debrief after delivery for aggregated project team feedback
  • When applicable, owns the project through post production and delivery
  • When applicable, leads the creative direction for projects that are smaller in scale or within the documentary space (a hybrid creative & producer model)
  • When applicable, collaborate with the Creative Lead/Creative Director to further develop creative and story, including directing talent
  • Support larger scale projects as a Segment Producer, Story Producer or Field Producer as needed (Company Film, Spotlight etc)
  • When working with a separate creative team/lead, they provide creative thought partnerships and solutions to always push the project forward with creative excellence
  • Ensures all projects they are assigned to meet or exceed expectations, on schedule and on budget
  • Reviews editorial cuts and transcripts and gives creative direction and feedback to best tell the story within the total run time and needs of the asset and where it will live (platform intentionality)
  • Collaborate with the Supervising Producer on production budgets with a “think outside the box” attitude to innovate in ways to meet the budget and timeline while maximizing the creative output
  • Communicate and collaborate with other Producers on the team frequently to ways to efficiently share project resources between production projects on the team for cost-savings and value output (ie: sharing a Production Coordinator, sharing a location, renting EQ over a weekend and piggy-backing shoots etc)
  • Staff up for contingent production support on live-action shoots as needed in critical roles such as department heads and production support
  • Collaborate with Technical Infrastructure Lead on all equipment needs for a production with thoughtfulness on cross-functional partnerships and cost savings
  • Provide clear and clean production wraps including both closed financial actuals, final creative documentation, legal releases and paperwork and oversee that all deliverable assets are properly archived with the post team


  • 8+ years of experience in the video production industry, preferably at an agency or entertainment studio in Producing and Production Management experience
  • Must have experience with large budget commercial productions as well as smaller budget and quick turnaround projects
  • Proficient in marketing campaign workflows, including understanding creative and production processes as they relate to marketing efforts
  • A rolodex of diverse production talent both inside and outside of LA, especially in key and department head positions and production support roles (PCs, APOCs, PAs etc)
  • Strong Project Management background and ability to oversee multiple projects at once without missing a step
  • Experience on jobs with a high volume of deliverables for all major and social media channels
  • Proficient in numerous budgeting software (Hot Budget, Showbiz etc.) and actualizing budgets
  • Strong understanding of budgeting and forecasting for expenses within an end to end production pipeline on a project
  • Thorough understanding of the entire production and post-production pipeline
  • Ability to approach each project with both a creative and production mindset
  • Ability to work across platforms with a strong technical background
  • Interest and understanding of Production Equipment and innovations within the video capture landscape
  • Understanding of and interest in integrated project management platforms
  • Real team player who seeks out collaboration, communication and ways to grow their teammates as much as themselves
  • A self-starter who takes initiative and does not wait to be told what gaps to fill, but instead seeks them out
  • A critical thinker who anticipates issues and has multiple emergency backup plans easily triggered to keep things moving without missing a beat.
  • Ability to approach projects and workflows holistically and when necessary, challenge the status quo to create a more efficient and successful working environment for all your colleagues

At Netflix, we carefully consider a wide range of compensation factors to determine your personal top of market. We rely on market indicators to determine compensation and consider your specific job, skills, and experience to get it right. These considerations can cause your compensation to vary and will also be dependent on your location. 

This market range is based on total compensation (vs. only base salary), which is in line with our compensation philosophy. Netflix is a unique culture and environment.

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