Marshall Street Editors are an award-winning offline editing company specialising in commercials, music videos and online content. Go to www.mse.tv to see more. We pride ourselves on having a happy, hard-working environment here at MSE, right in the heart of Soho.

We are looking for an extraordinary runner for an extraordinary team. You must be brimming with enthusiasm for the role – we require an upbeat, positive and hard-working person. Yes, you will be making tea, picking up lunch and working hard to make sure the office is looked after (bar/restaurant experience is recommended) BUT many of our editors began their careers as runners here at MSE.

This role will suit someone with the ambition to be an offline editor one day. It will offer you exposure to experienced staff and in time you will learn enough to be able to help out our assistants and editors on fantastic projects.

Among other abilities, you will need to be able to multi-task, be tidy and efficient, respectful to our clients and (most of all) positive and smiley at all times as it is a very ‘client-facing’ role.

We have a fun, hardworking, dedicated team here at Marshall Street and we are excited to welcome a new member to our team. We look forward to meeting you and to hearing how much you want to be an editor.