KitMapper: Why use peer-to-peer rental sites for Kit?

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With the emergence of online rental sites like AirBnb, freelancers have been looking hard to find a platform to make the process of renting Film & TV equipment smoother and easier. Somewhere users can lend equipment they own for profit and renters can hire equipment they may not have been able to access before, for less. Peer-to-peer rental sites could be the future of equipment rentals, for both long-term and short-term rentals of kit such as cameras, lenses, lighting, projectors, monitors and TVs, sound recording, VR kit and much more.

List your kit and make money

You may have spent a lot of money on equipment which is not always being used for projects and has ended up laying around doing nothing. There are thousands of freelancers who are in a similar position. A peer-to-peer rental site might be the perfect way for you to make a return on your investment. Not only will you make money from renting out your kit, you will also be helping other freelancers continue to create.

Rent from freelancers near you

On the other hand, if you’re searching for high-end professional equipment for low prices, an online peer-to-peer site is a good way to access kit, with sites like KitMapper you will be able to search for kit via postcode and reserve the kit you need for the time you need. Pick-up and drop off the kit at the time suitable for both you and the Lister.

The online site does the hard work

Renting out and hiring kit from strangers can be daunting however KitMapper is built with this in mind. They understand the value and importance of the right kit, the pressure of running projects on a budget and tight schedules. For example, KitMapper ensures both Lister and Renter are covered by their KitMapper Guarantee to give you peace of mind. Should anything go wrong you will be covered and they offer 24/7 live Helpdesk support.

Safe and secure to use

The process to lend and hire kit is fast and secure with KitMapper. There are identification verifications set in place. For instance, KitMapper covers both parties by the KitMapper Guarantee, a legal rental agreement, status tracking, there are also trust ratings set by users (this mean that your kit is safe hands!). All you need to worry about is keeping track of how much you’re making.

Why KitMapper?

KitMapper is all about making things happen, expanding your already expansive networks to help freelancers connect through kit. If you’re a filmmaker you should checkout KitMapper. Why not browse through their selection of great equipment or list your own kit.

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