Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts
Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts (Essential Guide)

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In this article we look at some of the fundamental Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts with a few examples of them in action.

As you begin to master Premiere Pro you may find yourself looking for ways to cut down the time it takes to edit.

Post-production is a major part of the filmmaking process with all the cuts, revisions, tweaks and feedback. Therefore, it can often end up being the lengthiest.

So, what can you do to shave off time and speed this process up?

Fortunately, Adobe incorporated an endless amount of keyboard shortcuts into their software. Below, we’re going to give you some of the best Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts.

Getting started

Firstly, before you learn anything else, let’s talk about saving.

Previously, we’ve talked about saving your work regularly when editing Premiere Pro. Saving your project and a copy of it should become a reflex – something you do quickly every couple of minutes.

Now, as with any other programme, rather than going to File > Save, you can simply hit Ctrl + S on your keyboard (Cmd + S for Mac users). Furthermore, to save a copy, hit Ctrl + Alt + S, or Opt + Cmd + S for Mac users.

Below, we’ve added a few other basic Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts that will come in very useful when first starting out.

Keyboard ShortcutsWindowsMac
SaveCtrl + SCmd + S
Save A CopyCtrl + Alt + SOpt + Cmd + S
ImportCtrl + ICmd + I
ExportCtrl + MCmd + M
Open ProjectCtrl + OCmd + O
New ProjectCtrl + Alt + NOpt + Cmd + N
New SequenceCtrl + NCmd + N

Quick Examples

Create New Project

Create New Sequence


The clipboard

Next, knowing the shortcuts for carrying information over on your clipboard is really useful.

For example, you may like the colour grade you’ve added to one clip and you want to apply it to another. Rather than having to remember all the different edits and tweaks you made, a simple copy and paste will do the trick.

Additionally, there’s a few others here that will prove very useful. Made a mistake, or pasted something where you shouldn’t have?

At some point in every edit, undo and redo will become your favourite Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts!

Keyboard ShortcutsWindowsMac
CutCtrl + XCmd + X
CopyCtrl + CCmd + C
PasteCtrl + VCmd + V
UndoCtrl + ZCmd + Z
RedoCtrl + Shift + ZShift + Cmd + Z
ClearDeleteForward Delete
Ripple DeleteShift + DeleteShift + Forward Delete
DuplicateCtrl + Shift + /Shift + Cmd + /
Select AllCtrl + ACmd + A
Deselect AllCtrl + Shift + AShift + Cmd + A

Editing Tools

Now, when it comes to editing the actual footage on your timeline, there are a lot of tools at your disposal. Using these really speeds up the process.

Consequently, utilising the keyboard shortcuts to enable them will make it even quicker.

If you’re unsure about what some of these are, have a look at our previous article on editing footage in Premiere Pro. Here, we explain what some of the most useful tools do in a lot more detail.

For all tools and their Premiere Pro Keyboard shortcuts, have a look through the table below.

Keyboard ShortcutsWindowsMac
Ripple Trim PreviousQQ
Ripple Trim NextWW
Track Select ForwardAA
Track Select backwardShift + AShift + A
Ripple EditBB
Rolling EditNN
Rate StretchRR
Slip ToolYY
Slide ToolUU
Pen ToolPP
Hand ToolHH
Zoom ToolZZ

Quick Examples

Razor + Select + Delete

Track Select Forward

Ripple Trim Previous or Ripple Trim Next

Rolling Edit

Rate Stretch

Slip Tool


Lastly, one of the most time-consuming elements of any edit is simply navigating around the software with your cursor. Spending a few seconds dragging your mouse from left to right may not seem like a big deal.

However, when you add up these valuable seconds over the course of many days, it can become annoying.

Fortunately, there are much easier ways to move your footage around on the timeline and jump between the different panels. By using the navigation keyboard shortcuts, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and really get into the flow of editing. Here are some of the best navigation keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard ShortcutsWindowsMac
Toggle Play/StopSpaceSpace
Find In SourceFF
Shuttle LeftJJ
Shuttle RightLL
Turn Snap On/OffSS
Mark In PointII
Mark Out PointOO
Go To In PointShift + IShift + I
Go To Out PointShift + OShift + O
Clear In & OutCtrl + Shift + XOpt + X
Step BackLeft ArrowLeft Arrow
Step ForwardRight ArrowRight Arrow
Next Edit PointDown ArrowDown Arrow
Previous Edit PointUp ArrowUp Arrow
Move FootageAlt + ArrowCmd + Arrow

Quick Examples

Find In Source

Mark In Point or Mark Out Point

Wrapping up – Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

In conclusion, there’s a lot you can do on Premiere Pro just by using the keyboard shortcuts. Indeed, it is possible to edit a whole project without ever using your cursor!

Using the Premiere Pro Keyboard shortcuts will enable you to work quicker, therefore turning your projects around faster, leaving you more time to either get stuck in to the next project or take a well-earned break!

Furthermore, if you’re feeling confident and comfortable with the software, it’s completely possible to change any of these shortcuts and create your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

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Josh Edwards
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