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Artgrid is a subscription based stock video site that starts at around $25/month (use our unique promo code to get 2 months free!). As filmmakers, they understand the industry and what it takes to succeed. As a company, they offer a platform that allows you to express your creativity and be properly paid for it. They focus on filmmakers and creating opportunities in today’s dynamic world of film production.

Designed to provide full creative freedom to filmmakers, Artgrid delivers simplicity and inspiration with unlimited story-driven stock footage from today’s top cinematographers.

The Catalogue

Filmmaking is their passion. So, Artgrid understands what today’s creative filmmakers need to produce amazing films. Not a marketplace full of random shots, but a catalogue focused on footage that inspires creativity and brings impact to your film. No filler – Every moment should tell your story. Discover story-driven footage from today’s top cinematographers from around the world.

The Artgrid Mission

Your work and your time are valuable. Artgrid’s mission is to provide you with the best stock footage available in a simple and easy way that fits naturally into your creative workflow. They give you one simple license and full access to our entire footage catalogue for an affordable, annual subscription fee. The user interface makes it fast and easy to find exactly the clips you need and download it immediately to get it into your project. The quality of the footage is second to none, shot with the best cameras available today like Arri, Red and Phantom in a range of formats up to 8K and Raw.

What do I get with my subscription?

Artgrid offers 3 plans for every type of video creator. From Youtubers to ad agencies to major cinematic productions, you will find a pricing plan that will fit perfectly with your content and budget.

Artgrid Promo Code

All plans have the same unlimited license and full access to every clip in the catalogue (make sure you use the promo code above!). The difference between them is based on the footage format you can download.

3 annual plans:

  • Junior – HD $25/month ($299 billed annually)
  • Creator – 4K-8K $40/month ($479 billed annually)
  • Professional – 4K-8K + RAW/LOG $50/month ($599 billed annually)

Find the perfect footage fast!

Artgrid has developed an innovative solution to the painful process of digging through hundreds of random clips to find what you need. All of the footage is presented as part of a story, created by the filmmakers themselves, rather than standalone clips. The site is constantly growing with new footage added daily so you will always have fresh content for your videos.

How does a Story-Driven catalogue stand out?

Unlike other stock footage catalogues, Artgrid is not just a tool to fill in those missing clips in your edit. Their content is designed to inspire your creativity while supporting your creative workflow with story-driven content from beginning to end.

With just one simple license, you can use the footage without having to worry about additional fees or expiration. Artgrid’s Unlimited license is truly an unlimiting experience. So what are you waiting for? make sure you follow our promo code link above to get 2 months free!