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Yes that’s right you can now get 10% off all FilmConvert products with our unique promo code. FilmConvert is a plug-in that’s compatible with all major non-linear editors (NLEs) such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X. It manipulates color to replicate a selection of popular film stocks based on the camera and color profile setting with which the original footage was captured. It then crunches the numbers and applies look-up tables (LUTs) to manipulate the color of your footage to best match that of the desired style.

Basically Filmconvert is a pack of film effects that can be applied to any video you produce. It essentially enables you to get the look, so if you want to mimic the filmic look and style of Fuji Vivid then you can. It works by applying a series of processes to the footage, tweaking colour, grain and contrast to realistically reproduce the look of traditional film stock.

Filmconvert goes a step further by working with all the main camera manufacturers to ensure that the effects they create are replicated correctly when applied to the footage from any camera. It’s perfect for quick-turnaround grading jobs, especially for footage shot in LOG or RAW color modes that normally require a lot of correction in post just to look viewable. With FilmConvert, you can simply drop on the plugin and get a beautiful, finished film look in a couple of clicks. 

Who can use it?

It’s designed mainly for editors, color graders, cinematographers, DITs and directors, it can be used throughout the production and post-production workflow for look visualization, monitoring and color grading.

However users also find it great as a camera-matching tool for projects shot on multiple cameras and picture styles – selecting a common film stock target for your project helps create a unified look for the whole project, speeding up your colour grading process.

If you’re looking for an affordable (with our 10% promo code) and easy way to get a terrific film look, from film stock to colour and grain, FilmConvert is an ideal plug-in every video editor should consider purchasing (and it supports quite a few popular NLEs). You simply drop the filter onto your footage, select your camera profile, how it was filmed, the film stock you’d like, and it’ll look great. But you can do some serious colour grading in the Camera Controls, and still end up with a terrific film look for your project.

What do I get for my Promo Code?

FilmConvert has 6K film grain scans that can be overlayed at a variety of sizes (35mm, 16mm, 8mm) to bring texture and life back into your digital video images. Grain is composited based on the underlying color values of your footage, creating an organic, natural film grain look. 

With 19 film stocks to choose from and dedicated camera profiles for the industry-leading digital cinema cameras, it’s the most accurate film emulation tool available on the market. 

Finally, it profiles individual cameras down to the individual picture style and samples the color responses through the whole exposure range. This gives you a detailed model of how the camera sensor responds to light, and allows you to create the most accurate transform to our target film stocks. 

It also has plugins available for the most popular NLEs, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid, as well as many others, and works on both Mac and PC.

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