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Collating client feedback is hands down one of the hardest parts of the filmmaking process. Think long email threads, conflicting information, mismatched timecode. It’s an area ripe for disruption, and has decided to make the process smoother and less painful. is primarily a platform for video collaboration, but it offers far more than just a place for clients to watch videos and approve or amend them.

What offers is an entire collaboration workflow that eliminates the whole “put stuff on Dropbox and then send an email with notes in it kind of workflow”. Firstly it allows you to share any kind of media with your team or your client. Even better because it’s  a cloud application it’s not app dependent so collaborators can work with whatever applications suit them to get the job done. As changes arrive all those invited to be collaborators simply mark up the media and have timecode stamped chats about the changes required, be that video or audio with notes and annotations.

Diving into is a painless experience. Create an account, select a plan, create a project, then invite your team members to collaborate.  Determine what level of access and editing power each person has e.g. whether or not they should be emailed as the project is updated, whether you want to be notified when they give notes or if they’re allowed to upload/download content.

Final Cut Pro Integration also have a nifty plugin for Final Cut Pro X, a first of its kind workflow extension that combines the core functionality of the app with the advanced editing tools in FCPX. This is certainly major news for many editors and filmmakers and it has been developed in collaboration with Apple making it the first collaborative video review toolset that can be accessed right in FCPX. Here a few features.

  • Create video with teams without leaving FCPX
  • Upload your timeline or individual clips to to share with clients for approval
  • Know the instant your client is reviewing your work – and even when they’re typing
  • Get precise feedback when it matters with frame-specific comments and annotations
  • Use as your cloud-based library for importing source assets or auto-generated proxies into FCPX

With the new plugin users can upload entire projects or individual clips from FCPX, and even select or deselect which clips they’d like to export. will automatically version-stack edits and give editors the option to share a review link with their clients for approval. Feature Highlights was designed by a team of filmmakers and it shows. It’s low on gimmicks and high on features that make checking and amending work a dream. From improved collaboration to enhanced media support, and new, flexible ways to store and access your media, rolled out the following features to take video collaboration to the next level:

  • Stack two versions side by side – You can put two versions side by side and then choose which audio to hear, so if someone has sent you over a new audio mix with changes you can check it against the old version with the click of a mouse.
  • Folders – Media can be kept in folders so if you want to keep all the audio for the sound mixers or the composer then it’s as simple as drag and drop.
  • Media sorting – Media can be sorted in various ways to make sure you are looking at the latest edit or mix.
  • Multi-page PDFs – users can now collaborate on scripts and storyboards just like on video. Now, entire video projects from the initial brief to the final deliverable, can live in Berklee College of Music has been using this new feature to improve how they collaborate:
  • Enhanced version management – users now have more control over how they manage versions. Reorder or remove versions, all in one simple place.
  • Private comments – For teams who routinely create a separate review link for internal teams to gather feedback they don’t want clients to see. Internal team conversations can be separated from client conversations, all within the same project.
  • @mentions – Users can tag anyone on a project to quickly grab their attention when it’s needed most. Anytime someone is @mentioned, they’ll receive a notification for streamlined communication.
  • Reel player – Drop all assets into a filmstrip format for easy viewing, complete with built-in autoplay. Fox Sports Marketing adopted the reel player presentation format and they’ve already seen success:
  • Archival storage – User can now free up more account storage by archiving projects. Original files will be archived but low-res preview files stay online and searchable so users never have to wonder which backups are where. Comment, compare, share—all the magic still applies to archived projects. Originals can be restored within a few hours.
  • Updated review pages – review pages just got a major overhaul. They now include a much simpler interface that makes it easier for clients to leave feedback—no login required.
  • Short links – No more long and clunky URLs to send to your clients and collaborators. New share URL’s will use a shortlink, making sharing them significantly more friendly.
  • Account switching – For those users with multiple accounts, now offers an ultra simple way to navigate between them on

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They know every user has different needs in terms of storage, features and team size so they have created three plans for you to choose from. Pro, Team and Enterprise.

  • Pro subscription includes 250 GB free active storage, 750 GB free archival storage, Unlimited reviewers, Standard features.
  • Team subscription includes 250 GB free active storage, 750 GB free archival storage, Unlimited reviewers, All features in Pro, Custom branding, Presentation reels, Private internal comments
  • Enterprise subscription includes 1 TB free active storage,  1 TB free archival storage, Unlimited reviewers, All features in Team, Multi-team management, SSO/ADFS Watermarking, Asset lifecycle management, Onboarding and priority support.

There is also a free version, which allows you to work on a single project, offers uploads of up to 2GB of video files and collaboration with 5 users. Of course, this won’t cut it if you’re wanting to work on multiple projects or use as a large-file storage service, but it’s certainly enough to get your feet wet with the app before moving into one of their paid plans.

Save on Storage but not on Quality! encodes your video to HTML 5 for browser video playback, but it saves your core file for download at anytime without compression being introduced. This is HUGE as other online video services have a tendency to compress to the point where things might get pixelated or blacks get noisy once live and they’ll even destroy your colour grade on occasion.

The most alluring advantage offered is their proprietary upload tech. Their uploader slices your file into 20 MB chunks and uploads them concurrently in batches of five, resulting in a much faster upload that can be paused and resumed, even if your computer loses internet access, your drive gets unplugged, or your laptop turns off.   

Wrapping Up has built a strong, easy to use and flexible communication solution for video professionals. It’s not only the most affordable option on the market, but offers much more codec support than its competitors. offers robust preview and review features that make communication and collaboration much easier for video producers and other creative professionals. So what are you waiting for? Use on promo code link above and try it free for 30 days.