Make Money Renting Out Your Video Equipment with Fat Lama

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There’s no way of getting away from it. Film & TV is an expensive business to be in. From lenses to lighting, gimbals and camera bodies themselves, it’s a passion which doesn’t come cheap. For many, the post-production process means that sadly, much of the time that expensive kit sits there unused. An increasing number of filmmakers (and photographers) are addressing this problem by renting out their equipment to fellow enthusiasts and professionals whilst it’s not in use.

Fat Lama is a new, fully-insured peer to peer rental marketplace for stuff. Whether you’ve got camera equipment, audio equipment, drones, lights (or pretty much anything else) you’re not using the whole time, then Fat Lama is the place for you. There are tonnes of like-minded people looking to hire Film & TV equipment. The best part? Whilst you’re lending out your equipment, it’s fully insured with Fat Lama. So if anything were to happen, they’ve got you covered.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

Meet Tom. He’s only recently started lending out his gear on Fat Lama, but he now makes enough money from it to pay the rent on his photography studio. His lender income also allows him to spend more time pursuing his own film projects.

“Most of the time my kit sits there gathering dust. It’s a shame to have tools that don’t get the use that they were designed for. Having a resource where you earn money from hiring out your kit allows you to supplement the high cost of purchases these items in the first place. Just this month I purchased a new camera with the aim of paying it off within one year from just hires alone. It’s made me think about gear in a completely different way.”

Borrow Stuff You Need. Lend Stuff You Don’t.

Fat Lama isn’t just a great way to make money from your kit whilst you’re not using it, it’s also a great way to find the Film & TV equipment you need for your shoot. While traditional hire shops used to be a great option, they regularly require significant deposits and are often too expensive for most filmmakers. Many aren’t flexible enough to meet the modern demands of today’s freelancers. Fat Lama is often at least 30% cheaper than hire shops and since you’re hiring directly from other professionals, Fat Lama doesn’t shut it doors at 5pm. In fact, around a third of the rentals on Fat Lama are booked and collected on the same day.

Fat Lama has teamed up with Video Collective to bring you a discount you’d be crazy to miss. Enter the referral code VID25 when you sign up to get £25 credit to use on your first rental. Fat Lama is available to UK residents. So what are you waiting for? Sign up, hire, and save today.

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