• Wacom tablet intuos 4
  • Canon 5D mkII with Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L USM and 2 x 32GB Compact Flash cards
  • Lanparte shoulder rig with external monitor
  • Zoom H4n sound recorder with shotgun mike
  • 2 x Continuous daylight lighting bulbs with umbrella
  • 3 x Softboxes with chroma key backdrop as well as black and white fabrics


  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Adobe Flash CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Indesign CC
  • Maxon Cinema 4D


The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, University College

Oct 2002 - June 2005 BA (hons) Graphic Design

2:1 BA (hons) Graphic Design.


Soluis Group Ltd

August 2013 – November 2014 Freelance Motion Graphic Designer

• Developed visuals of the designs as well as the motion and video treatment for each project.

• Animated different company logos like Macallan Distillery, Ghana Bank, Arc MC, ISG, etc.

• Produced videos e.g. Horizon Centre (filmed on location), Dubai Lab and Ghana Bank.

• Produced half a dozen showreels to promote Soluis’ portfolio and their services within the company.

• Outsourced artists for a film shot that will be used in Soluis’ showreels as well as the promotional material of technology and the services that Soluis they can offer.

• Filmed at different show events and edited the footage to showcase Soluis present at the show like Sparks, Sleep, RESI Conference, etc.

• Set up lights and cameras to film people to talking about their new building projects being in development like ABB and Motts.

• Animated logistic graphics to highlight the different phases within the project like Skanska, Markel, Como, Telefonia, Rio Tinto, Kirkland, Aon Centre and Basford College.

• Developed storyboarding projects like Bicester’s zero-carbon eco-town project a Helix project.

Squeezed Media Ltd

July 2013 Freelance Motion Graphic Designer

• Built and animated the Deloitte animation.

Soluis Group Ltd

June 2013 Freelance Motion Graphic Designer / Cameraman

• Built and animated Grosvenor Square animation.

• Filmed the Marketing Week Live to showcase Soluis presents at the event.

Moov Ltd

June 2013 Freelance Motion Graphic Designer

• Provided additional graphic help for the BBC production team for Mock The Week.

Latest Project: