• Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Mac-based workstation connected to over 80TB of media storage space
  • 12TB Pegasus RAID 5 drives.
  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply) in the event of a mains supply power failure.

About Me:

As a previously CNN trained video editor, I am a well-established independent freelancer editing short-form videos, films, documentaries, music-based projects, trailers and a wide range of promotional content. During more than 13 years of production and video editing experience, I have edited hundreds of hours of broadcast-standard programme content for a large variety of projects including for CNN network television, films for the film festival circuit and a creatively diverse selection of short films and videos for online clients.


Marmara University

2003/2007 Film and TV

Octo Academy

2014/2016 Colorist/Da vinci Resolve


Elf Film House

2017/2020 Video Editor