Daniel Dvir


Motion Graphics Designer

London, UK



Game Design and Interactive Media at Beit Berl College of Arts



Illustrator and Motion Graphic Designer at DanielDvirHere

 Strong command of design and animation fundamentals
 Worked with a vast variety of clients, on both digital and print media
 Great with high-pressure strict deadlines
 Worked for a variety of industries – gaming, theatre, education, retail and b2b.
 Finding design solutions and following briefs


Graphic Designer and Team Leader at IDF - Education and Youth

 Creating training accessories, presentations and interactive lessons
 Managing a team of 4-5 designers and overseeing administrative procedures
 Creating innovative eco-friendly work processes
 Initiating and operating web-design and interactive media department

Recognised as one of the excelled team leaders of 2009
Awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of 2008

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