David Keefe


Motion Graphics Designer

London, UK

I specialise in 2D and 3D animation; creating carefully designed motion graphics and character animation for a diverse range of clients, delivering content for social media, broadcast, internal communications and live events. I also have experience and expertise in editing long / short form video and post-production.

My motivation stems from a passion to combine truly engaging visuals with captivating storytelling.


2007 - 2009

1st Class BA Honors at CG Arts and Animation UCA Rochester



Senior Motion Graphic Designer at Article Ten

Jan- Feb 2019

Freelance Motion Designer at How Now Creative

Feb-Mar 2019

Freelance 3D Animator at Nirvana Studios

June - Aug 2019

Freelance 2D/3D Motion Graphic Designer at Emperor

Aug - Sep 2019

Freelance Character Designer / Animator at Fidgit Media

Sep-Nov 2019

Freelance Motion Designer (3D) at M-is

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