Canon C100 mk2
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
Canon L Lenses:
50mm f/1.2
16-35mm f/2.8 mkii
24-70mm f/2.8 mkii
135mm f/2.0
70-200mm f/2.8
SD cards and Batteries for the above
Atomos Ninja 2 recorder

Camera wise I have a Canon 70D and a Sony a6500 with a 10-18mm f/4 and an adapter for my canon lenses with ND filter.

Zoon H4n and H1
Lapel mic
Sennheiser Wireless G3
Rode NTG2
Rode Video Mic Pro

Aputure 120d + Light dome
Small 200 LED panel
F&V R-300

Glidecam HD4000
Zhyiun Crane v2
Hague K12 Jib + Kessler Rev 2 head + Kessler Oracle Controller + Kessler Kpod

I think this would be it, I may have some other bits and bobs but these are the main items I have as part of my kit.


Daily rate do not include the entire list above, please get in touch for more information.


London Film Academy

Feb/2015 Short Course - Filmmaking Foundation

London Film Academy

Feb/2015 Short Course - Documentary Foundation



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