• Sony A7S
  • Sony PMW F3 (with SLOG)
  • Selection of DSLR lenses
  • Soft box kit
  • LED Panel kit
  • Slider
  • Sennheiser radio mics
  • shotgun mic
  • FCP X
  • Premiere Pro CS6


Beths Grammar School

2005-2012 GCSE, A level

11 GCSEs A*-C including Maths, English, and Science. A level qualifications in Film, Philosophy, Photography, Maths.


Dead Belles

February 2016 Dead Belles - This Machine's Electric

Hackney Empire

February 2016 Alter Ego 2016 Live Streaming

DoP and Camera Operator for the live filming of the show Alter Ego 2016 at the Hackney Empire theatre.

Electoral Reform Society

January 2016 Electoral Reform Society - Citizen Assemblies

The ERS were running Citizen Assemblies in Sheffield and Southampton – with a focus on local government. I was asked to document the day, and create a film that shared the purpose of the Assemblies with the wider community.


January 2016 Chapter Living Chinese New Year Promo

Covering the Chinese New Year event held at Chapter Spitalfield, editing into a 30 second promo for social media.


December 2015 Circa Promo

Editing together a promotional video of the training from the Circa show for online platforms.

Pride Catering

December 2015 Prince Conference

Filming and editing the annual conference for the company website

Hackney Empire

November 2015 Marriage of Figaro

Live recording of the opera show for two nights.

The School of Life

October 2015 Jamie Oliver cooks Philosophy - Youtube channel content

Filming and editing Alain De Botton and Jamie Oliver cooking together for The School of Life channel

Jaguar Land Rover

July 2014 Customer Profile Film, Russia shoot.

Documenting the lives, opinions and cars of range rover customers in Russia as part of a wider, international project.