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About Me:

Wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects from concept to creation. Conceiving and delivering films, web commercials and music videos for almost 20 years.

Writing: Experienced writer; well suited to conceive, develop and present concepts through the use of scripts, treatments and concept trailers. A passionate and articulate speaker, that communicates in an effective way, engaging investors, clients, crew, cast and post-production personnel.

Pre-Production: Organized and fully capable of preparing a well-run shoot with the use of shot lists, call sheets, storyboards, budgets, waivers, insurance, release forms and the like. Connected to an experienced community of artists, from all spectrums of production, both in the US and the UK.

Production: A sharp sense of attention to detail, accompanied by experienced technical knowhow. A discerning eye for quality performances and engaging cinematography. A strong on-set collaborator, working well with cinematographers, special effects supervisors, producers, cast and crew. A hands-on director, well-equipped to simultaneously shoot and direct. A problem solver at heart, thriving under pressure and continually delivering projects on time, in budget and to the client's satisfaction.

Post Production: Extensive experience with the world of post-production, editing 99% of the projects undertaken. Well versed in all areas of post-production, such as editing, visual effects, motion graphics, colour correction, sound mixing, and music composition. Accustom to overseeing post-production teams, giving direction to each role and assembling the final cut.

Deadlines & Budgets: A sterling track-record for staying in budget and on time. Excellent predictive skills, paired with a strong sense of organization.


Central Cabarrus High School

2001 - 2002 High School Diploma


Dauntless Agency

June 2017 - PRESENT Director of Production

The responsibility of the Direct of Production is to direct all video productions within Dauntless; this includes writing, concept treatments, presentations, producing, directing live-action shoots, cinematography, lighting, casting, editing, motion graphics and visual effects, and original music composition. Productions take place in London, England and Los Angeles, California. The Director of Production oversees anywhere from one to dozens of people at a time, throughout the lifespan of each production.

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

January 2014 - June 2017 Partner & Executive Art Director

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing partners are committed to the general health of the business, as well as the success of each partner and employee. The responsibility of the Executive Art Director is to create templated video projects that allow Crystal Clear to produce hundreds of videos each year, with low overhead. To streamline this much work requires a combination of efficient and creative thinking.

Astonish Results

January 2012 - January, 2014 Director of Production

The responsibilities of the Director of Video Production at Astonish Results range from conceiving and creating detailed motion graphics videos to producing, directing and filming large scale event. This role requires comprehensive experience in directing, producing, cinematography, editing, colour correction, audio engineering and motion graphics.

Astonish Records

January 2008 - January, 2011 Director of Production

The role of Director of Production at Astonish Records requires versatility in a range of video productions. Producing and directing music videos, and live concert shoots are the primary responsibilities. Additional responsibilities include concept creation, cinematography, editing, colour correcting, motion graphic animation, audio recording, and more. The Director of Production works very closely with the Director of Marketing to form campaigns and strategies.