Karim Zouak



BFA at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

Film/Video major


Jan 2015 — June 2015 + freelance

Head of Creative at Hangar Seven

As the lead on creative ideation and strategy for broadcast and online video campaigns for national brands, I would create a deck with multiple possible video ideas at multiple price points, presenting a justified cohesive strategy to address the market objective. I developed these top–line ideas into scripted and storyboarded treatments, worked closely with the producer for casting and locations, directed spots and oversaw creative delivery of a variety of content for consumers, businesses and internal comms.
Clients include Marks & Spencer, Asda George, Breville, Warburton’s, Diageo, F&F, Unilever.

October 2013 — October 2014

Supervising Producer/Director at Marjan Television

Overseeing 30 producers, 14 weekly series, multiple one–offs and a gallery crew of 10, I played a key leadership role at this foreign–language, market leading broadcaster/production company with an estimated audience reach of 23 million viewers. I led a restructuring of the production department; developed and implemented long–term production and broadcast strategies; was responsible for troubleshooting, developing and redeveloping productions; training and mentoring producers; interviewing new production staff; and, directing and producing key promotional on–air content and television series.

July 2010 — October 2012

Producer/Writer at MTV

Working closely with our internal Brand Partnership and Design teams, I wrote, directed and produced ProMAX/BDA winning brand partnership campaigns for national broadcast on MTV and its sister stations. From a marketing brief, I created concepts, pitched them, and developed them to a polished treatment and script. Once the client approved, I was awarded the budget and worked as an independent producer, sourcing crew, talent, facilities and locations. I directed, edited, sound designed and composited the spots. This process was also followed to promote on–air series, charity spots and PSAs. Additionally, I regularly produced weekly on–air promos (and radio spots) for ongoing series and series premieres.
Clients include MTV, CTV, Philips, Sony, Blackberry, Kids Help Phone, Bioré, Mattel.

June 2006 — June 2009

Creative Producer/Director at The Production League

I developed multiple national Fact Ent, reality and comedy TV series with Executive Producer Brian Ainsworth, from taster to delivery. We created the show format together, then I would direct all episodes and edit pilots to serve as templates for the team.

Shows include:
+Distinguished Artists (57×60 minutes, host–driven long format interview with celebrity guests)
+King Kaboom (26×30 minutes, variety show with music, animation, drama, comedy, sideshow acts, poetry, &c)
+School of Chef (26×30 minutes, host–driven cooking show with celebrity guest chefs)
+The Bird Watcher (3×30 minutes, host–driven nature/reality series shot in the Canadian Arctic, story written on–the–fly)
+The Humber Fashion Show (6×30 minutes, cast–driven reality series)
+More Than Hope (30 minutes, stand alone documentary shot in Tanzania about Microfinance initiatives)

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