Canon C100 mk 2

Canon 70mm – 200mm f4

Sigma 24mm – 70mm f2.8

Canon 50mm f1.8

Canon 18mm – 55mm f3.5

Zacuto Shoulder Rig

Vinten Pro 6 Tripod

LED lighting panel

ARRI 650w Tungston lights x 2

Adobe Suite


Kingston University

Sept 2012/Sept 1014 MA Film Making with Distinction

North London University

Sept 2000/ May 2014 Second Class Honours Degree in Film Studies and English Literature


Westside Radio

July 2015 / Ongoing Videographer

• Filming musicians and radio hosts during a promo day.
• Animating radio logo and titles for final edit

FLOW Yoga Studio

Sept 2015 / Sept 2015 Videographer

Produced a short 4 minute promotion video for the company website. Recorded ‘fly on the wall’ footage, interviews with the owners, and edited final piece.

Movement For Modern Life

March 2015 / Ongoing Camera Operator

• Independently operating a multi camera shoot.
• Directing Yoga instructors for continuity.
• Lighting a studio shoot.
• Logging footage and editing

Proven Attraction

March 2015 / March 2015 Camera Operator

• ‘Run and Gun’ style shooting.
• Filming the public.
• Thinking on my feet.
• Capturing ‘Vox Pops’.

Spectris PLC

June 2014 / December 2014 Producer, Camera Operator, Editor

• Working as part of, and overseeing a multi camera shoot.
• Liaising with clients and holding meetings to discuss content.
• Data wrangling while on location, storage, transport, and logging of footage.
• Able to adapt to any environment and gain the required knowledge quickly.
• Post‐production using Adobe, and Final Cut Suite.
• Using Adobe Captivate 8 for screen capture footage.
• Working to extremely tight deadlines to deliver final product.

Grosvenor Casino

February 2014 / June 2014 Producer, Camera Operator, Editor

• Creatively framing and capturing action.
• Operating the Canon XF105 and Canon 5d mk2
• Directing and communicating with nonprofessional actors.
• Directing and producing a shoot on location.