Martin Doyle

Proven track record of producing video productions in varying styles and formats.
5 + Years contracted in media and development houses.
Award winning narrative short film director with 12 International film festival credits (2012 – 2016). All three productions I produced, edited, wrote and directed. I also was the Cinematographer on my award winning film (Cinema London Film Festival – 2017 Best Sci-Fi).
Leader of multiple professionals and crews on numerous video content and short film productions.
20+ years of industry set and studio experience covering media, theatre, film and television (Actor & Director).
Energetic, instinctive problem solver with great creative, artistic vision.
Excellent communicator with a firm grasp of technology requirements and excellent collaborator.
Live entertainment production experience as a writer, director and producer at professional venues.
Generated Successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for narrative film.
Guest lecturer at SAE Institute and West London University for film production and screen acting.


September 2017 - Jan 2019

MA Master Degree. at Raindance (London) / Staffordshire University

Focus of study, Story Structure (Character, theme, Plot), genre and script writing in production of ‘no budget’ films.


April 2014 - Present

Video Director, Video Editor, Writer/Content Creator, Videographer at Insitu Digital Ltd (London)

Preferred Freelancer
I create memorable concepts and stories, tailoring products to clients needs with a focus on their identity, resulting in corporate videos with an emotional connection to their intended audiences.
I devise brand videos and concise instructional videos.
My pitching skills and project treatments are responsible for winning production contracts.
Directing performances, staging and blocking for actors/non-actors, enhancing the impact of films, videos and audio media.
I lead and collaborate with crews and post production specialists to deliver final films/videos on time.
I plan the shot list, camera set-ups and production workflows that reduce costs without reducing the viewing experience.
I provide video editing/ colour correction and grade on the following programs; Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Davinci Resolve.
I have often managed casting for productions – creating character breakdowns, posting auditions, and managing the casting sessions, always finding the right professionals.
Managing crews on-location/set/studio, so everyone knows what they are doing and where they need to be, for an efficient shoot.
Engage with clients with a focus on their production needs so they feel they are fully collaborating with me on their projects.
I have written scripts for interactive videos, being sure to structure the video choices in a meaningful manner, for genuine consequences due to options chosen by the user.
B- Camera Operating on shoots whilst directing.

Feb 2017 - March 2017

Writer, Content Creator, Video Director at Firehouse Ltd (London)

Working with the inhouse producer, I generated an idea and approach for an international video shoot based in the UK, France and Hong Kong and pitched the idea to the client/executives who approved the production plan.
I prepared and guided the clients international managers to develop their screen performances so they were ready for the shoot.
I directed the production for the UK and France shoots and instructed the film unit based in China, making sure their film could be integrated into our final film, whilst ensuring consistency.
The final film was presented worldwide during a week-long company celebration event with over 10,000 attendees.

December 2010 - May 2011

Video Director, Video Editor, at Actors One Stop Shop Ltd

My skills as a drama Director allowed the company to achieve its goal of directing (up to) 4 scenes a day for actor showreels. My responsibility included visual storytelling, genre, actor performance, blocking and staging.
Devised the day-to-day shooting schedule, I led the crew and actors. We’d walk into the studio in the morning then leave at the end of the day having shot all the material required. Each scene featured between 3-5 setups. I also edited the scenes (including colour grading and audio editing), providing actors with showreels that resulted in their finding professional work .
Camera Operated on actors scenes and music videos.

2004 - Present

Director / Video Producer / Content Creator/ Writer / Video Editor / Camera Operator / Filmmaker at Freelance

Companies I have made films for include: International Herald Tribune & New York Times (New York), Bayer PLC, Johnson & Johnson, Domaine Gayda Wines – France, NHS, Anoushka Jewellers (Kensington), Kazzum Arts Projects, Rose Theatre (Kingston), Arts Depot, SAE Institute – Oxford (Visiting Lecturer in Directing Film), Kingfisher PLC, Engage Media and numerous others.

May 2019 - August 2019

Editor at AMC

Freelance Editor on a 49 minute documentary film – ‘Africa Rising – Africa’s Tech Revolution’.

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