Matthew Brown



London, UK


2009 – 2012

BA science in Television Video Technology at University of Kingston

The above 3 year course gave me the chance to further develop my skills as a Videographer, an area in which
I have always held a strong interest. Focusing mainly on Camera work, video signal properties, production
methods, lighting, 2D/3D compositing and Computer Generated Imagery. I can offer full editing skills using the Adobe Suite.



Camera operator / Editor at Mechanical Mouse -

October 2013 -July 2014

Video Director at Car Throttle Online

– I was in charge of directing and shooting new videos on a weekly basis.
– Dealing with companies such as McLaren, BMW and Audi required a high level of professionalism during shoots.
– I had to efficiently film and edit videos to a strict timetable.
– Key responsibilities include upgrading camera equipment, updating software for the
editing suite, planning shoots and contacting clients.


AV Technician at UN World Climate Change Conference

– This role required me to set up, operate and repair a wide range of audio and video equipment.
– I have expanded my knowledge of broadcasting equipment
– As an assistant, I was involved in rigging and de-rigging sound and video equipment. Given the large amount of
equipment, this required high levels of organisation and accuracy.


Camera Operator at Olympic Broadcasting Services

– During this role, I progressed from camera assistant to operator at the London 2012 Games.
– As an operator, initially I had to find interesting compositions and camera angles for the director to use during live
broadcasts. Following this, I advanced to a bigger court and operation of key cameras.
– A critical aspect of this role was to understand multi-camera talkback and quickly respond to the directors instructions to
offer shots. I also went through the testing process with the broadcasting vans.
– As an assistant, I was involved with the rigging and de-rigging of all types of equipment. Given the large
amount of equipment this required high levels of organisation and accuracy.


Camera Assistant at Sky 1

– During my time with Sky/CTVOB, I was a 1st camera assistant and runner, put in charge of choreographed lens switching
and organising cables
– Having an understanding of the running order and responding appropriately to the camera operators movements is key to
this role.
– This role requires the ability to collaborate and work as part of a team


Camera Operator at BeatCastTV

– Responsible for filming live music events and interviews with artists.
– Choosing appropriate/creative shot locations, and having the ability and skill to work in low light conditions.
– The live nature of this role requires the skill to respond quickly to unchoreographed cues.

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