Professional Editing rig setup with VO recording options.


University of West London

2013 BA Film Production



2015-Current Video Editor

Created engaging customer-adjusted films with quick results for video-marketing purposes. Rewarded by leading brands of Ferrero, Sony or Fiat for quality revised footage. Filmed original content chosen by brand executives for widespread promotional campaigns. Re-developed platform tools available for film makers to increase workflow efficiency.

– Video edits selected for broadcast at Expo Milano 2015 and internationally.
– Provided guidance for the creative community in the emerging vertical format.
– Produced, filmed and edited content selected by a renowned whiskey brand.
– Provided guidance for the creative community in the emerging vertical format.
– Mastered voice overs to commercial standard.
– Quick one day edits for critical deadline projects.
– Created advanced motion design assets for marketing boost.
– Boosted company’s content quality through hosting workshops focused on video formats and quality assessment.

VI FIlms

2013-2015 Content Creator

Successfully crowdfunded original ideas for production of short films on a tight budget. Collaborated with artists, actors, directors and filmmakers in producing personalised content for online distribution. Created visual effects and motion graphics for digital video releases in Adobe Creative Suite environment.

– Created edits and VFX for film festival releases.
– Traveled to the top of the world to film in extreme conditions for an important native documentary.
– Directed and edited original concepts for short films.
– Designed original business assets and graphics including the trademark logo, front board and calling cards.

Flying Carpet Studio

2009/2010 Business Partner, Camera Operator, Designer

One of the founders of a thriving creative production studio. Created digital content that led to quick expansion with acquiring clients worldwide. Designed original conceptualized logo which remains to be the signature in the video and media business for five consecutive years.

– Developed the ground for a progressing film production company.
– Produced, filmed and edited music videos for national release.
– Single handedly contracted a high profile project for a developing music group.