Paul Wade



Hitchin, UK


March 2013 / April 2014

Head of Film at Clearhead

This role consisted of managing the film department and developing and implementing strategies for delivering film projects to Clients. I directed and produced promotional and commercial films and was in charge of completing all aspects of day–­‐to–­‐day film production. I managed all Client communication and developed concepts and treatments that catered specifically to clients needs. Other responsibilities included growing the Film side of the business substantially by gaining new clients and improving the quality of content delivery and the production team by ensuring a strong visual and creative identity to all projects.

Nov 2013 / Nov 2014

Co-Director, Co-Writer, Editor at Creative England

As part of the ishorts short film competition my brother and I submitted a script and won funding to direct a short film. During the production process we developed the script with Creative England, managed the budget, scouted for locations and secured cast and crew. During post-production I edited the film and developed the score and sound design. The film will now be showcased at BFI events and festivals around the world.

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