• Sony FS700
  • Canon 7D
  • DJI Phantom 2 drone with 3 axis gimbal
  • Gopro Hero 3 Black
  • Canon fit lenses x7 (Assorted focal lengths)


  • 2 x sennheiser radio mics
  • sennheiser rifle mic


  • 3 point lighting set up


  • Tripod
  • Slider
  • Jib


  • Final Cut Pro
  • Macbook Pro


Mike Horn Pangaea Project

2011-2013 Camera Man & Editor

The Pangaea Project was set up by explorer Mike Horn. It’s aim was to take young people from the ages of 14-18 to area’s of the globe in need of environmental or social action. Mike’s goal was to produce a global network of young ambassadors to raise awareness for environmental and social causes. The project was financed by sponsors such as Mercades Benz and Nespresso. My role was to capture the experience and provide daily short video edits that would be used on social media sites to update people on the progress of the expeditions.

Proximity Collective

2013 Camera Man

I was brought in to be part of the filming team for a five part documentary series following the proBASE world tour. The top BASE jumpers and wingsuit pilots in the world battled it out head-to-head in an attempt to be crowned the proBASE champion. The contest took place in many stunning locations including Turkey, Norway and Switzerland.

Fresh Rock Films

2013 Camera Man

I shot main camera on a climbing documentary in Cape Town South Africa. It followed Alex Honnold the worlds best know free soloist (climbing without ropes) as he explored what south african climbing has to offer.

Epic TV

2014 producer, director, DOP and editor

I produced and directed a six-part short documentary series for Epic TV. It showcased Jamie Flynn, a British BASE jumper, as he recovered from a horrific BASE jumping accident. The series documents the accident itself, the road to recovery and his fight to re-enter the sport.