Rudy Coertzen

I am a highly experienced DOP (Self directing/Lighting/Cameraman) working mostly on high quality lifestyle/magazine TV programmes. I started out in the industry editing my own material and knows how to “shoot for edit”. I work well with people and have experience in a wide field of interests. My ability to work as a “one man show” means I am able to work stealthily without being obtrusive or invading. My knowledge of Southern Africa and its cultures and regions makes me the ideal person to work on any material in Southern Africa for UK producers – minus traveling costs of crews from the UK. I am also able to source additional crew locally if needed. I have experience working on many pro level broadcast cameras and there are many rental options available should you require specific equipment.



Matric; NTS iii Technical at PW Botha Technical High School

I also hold a Private Pilot’s License with Night Rating (Need to renew) and completed Ground School for my Commercial Pilot’s License. I have a technical and enquiring mind with a broad field of interests.



Cameraman/Editor at Gift of the Givers

I work for this company on an ongoing basis;

1/01/2010 - 30/07/2014

DOP at Top Billing; Pasella SABC2; ExpressoShow SABC2; (All belongs to the same company)

I worked across all the above-mentioned programmes as they all belonged to the same production company.

2014 - 2017

DOP at Media Club Productions

I worked on 5 different reality style programmes all under the umbrella of Media Club Productions. I left because of the scandalise rates paid by this company and frequently had to work 16 hour shifts without overtime.

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