• I have a wide collection of programmable samples, but record live instruments whenever possible.
  • Am comfortable composing in a variety of genres.
  • Mix and master all tracks on Cakewalk’s Sonar using KRK Rocket 5 Monitors


University of Sheffield

2014-Current MA Composition

Areas of study: electroacoustic composition and ontology/phenomenology research.

University of Sheffield

2009-2012 Bachelor of Music (2:1)

Areas of study: extended composition, performance, sound and moving image,
music technology, sound recording and production.


Cricket Productions

2013 Sarna Residence

A short promotional video of an Italian place of residence. Tranquil scenes are accompanied by a simple piano
melody, punctuated by soft bells.

Body in the Box Productions

2013 Composer

A feature length film: a twisted romantic thriller. A professional string quartet was recorded alongside a
variety of other instruments evoking tension, innocence and obsession.

Team Hao Productions

2012 Camera and Cello

A short student film: a story following the relationship between two flatmates. To reflect on the intimacy of
each character’s developments, a sparse ensemble of piano, violin and cello was recorded and used as the majority of
this film’s score.

Latest Project: