Vishal Bhatt


Camera Operator

London, UK



BA Hons Film and Video Production at University of Derby

First Class Honours



Camera Operator at Freelance

I have worked as a freelance videographer and camera assistant with 4 years experience on several productions from short films, music videos and feature films including Bollywood. Have a very good technical and production knowledge through working on different productions with the use of professional equipment from DSLRs such as Canon 5D Mark III to 4k capture, Red Epic. Additionally I was also involved in the editing processes using Final Cut Pro and Adobe creative suite for live events, corporate events and weddings. I would often research ideas for upcoming projects, script readings and complete paper edits.

Feb 2014 - March 2014

Work Experience at Fulwell 73

My duties varied from writing, researching and amending treatments. Liaised with other companies in order to prepare for shoots and often on shoots as a Digital Image Technician (DIT) with cameras such as Canon C300. One of the shows included is ‘When Corden Met Barlow’

January 2013 - July 2013

Camera Operator at Diagonal View

At Diagonal View, my main responsibilities included lighting and filming content for the company’s’ several managed YouTube channels, shooting videos with mainly DSLR equipment. Some channels included were Alltime10s, Rio Ferdinand’s 5 Magazine and Netmums. Some shoots were based in the green screen studios at YouTube, interviews and music videos. Other duties included: editing videos using Final Cut Pro for online videos, music videos and shoots using green screen; researching ideas and themes for future projects, liaising with clients and arranging shoot dates, scouting for locations and liaising with rental companies for equipment hire.

June 2010 - Sept 2012

Camera Operator / Editor at VRV Productions

At VRV Productions I was liaising with clients on a regular basis regarding shoots from pre-production to post production, completing paper work and I was responsible for camera operating (HD) and editing for corporate shoots across UK such as conferences, weddings, exhibition events, live events and studio based shoots. Other duties included scheduling meetings, shoot dates and location scout dates through using Move Magic and completing paper edits.

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