FXhome Review (2024): Worth it or Not?

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FXhome is a new and super easy-to-use software app for editing your videos, images and adding visual effects. It’s a bundle of powerful tools for both YouTubers and professionals looking for cinematic quality.

In this review, we test out FXhome by looking at features, workflow, pricing, and website layout.

Review Summary

ToolsHitFilm & Imerge
Free TrialYes
AlternativesVEED & InVideo
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Get access to FXhome for just $6.25/month (billed yearly). Supercharge your creative projects with the ultimate storytelling toolkit. 🙌

What is FXhome?

Need to edit and add VFX all under one roof? Well, FXhome could be the perfect solution. It’s an end-to-end platform for video content creators of all levels.

You’ll be able to power your creative projects with the ultimate storytelling toolkit with best-in-class templates, stock media, royalty-free music, and a huge media library for any type of production.

Basically, Fxhome is split into two separate apps HitFilm and Imerge. Here’s a quick breakdown of each app.


Hitfilm is an image and video editing software designed for content creators. Easy access to drag-and-drop transitions, ready-to-use presets, audio sync, and pro text tools.  Also, with a huge library of built-in video effects, you’ll be up and running before you know it.


Imerge is an image editing app. It allows you to polish your photos to perfection and build impressive composites with intuitive image editing software. Find all the tools you need, right where you’d expect them to be.

Artlist Family

Another bonus is that these intuitive tools have built-in access to some of the best stock libraries such as Artlist, Artgrid, and Motion Array.

As you can tell we’re a big fan of the Artlist family. It’s always easier and more fun to work within a product family that has all you need from one source. 👍

Here is a quick breakdown of what’s included.

ArtlistArtgridMotion Array
Royalty-free music & Sound EffectsStock FootageVideo Templates, Presets & Motion Graphics

How Does Fxhome Work?

HitFilm signup page
FXhome Review – Signup Page

To get started, all you need to do is go to the FXhome website and download the free editing software from there. To do this just follow these 7 simple steps.

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Create a free account
  3. Download and install the Hitfilm software
  4. Watch the tutorial videos
  5. Import your media
  6. Start editing your story
  7. Export your video to YouTube and other platforms

Fxhome Features

FXhome review features
FXhome Review – Features

The exciting thing about this software is that it’s ready for your imagination no matter what skillset you bring to the table. Here are a few quick reasons why you’ll love it.

  • Easy interface
  • Learning section
  • 1 Million digital media assets are available
  • Community support
  • Upgrade subscription plans
  • Updated catalogs
  • A global license that covers every project worldwide

If that’s not enough then read on to find out about a few more features in detail.

1. Great Value

FXhome offers great value and has many high-end features for both pros and beginners. The time between the idea to the finished video is reduced. Everything you need to get started is in the free package. 

2. Ease Of Use

We can’t believe how easy it is. It gives you a chance to try out all kinds of styles, helping you find your stylistic voice. 

The ability to give clients additional treatments to choose from makes you look like a hero. You have access to the best music, sound effects, and video templates, all built directly into your editing platform.

3. Built-in Tutorials

The learning tab can be switched on and off to reveal a panel of step-by-step guides and tutorial videos that will give you a tour of HitFilm and how to use it. Having access to this feature is simply what every editing software should have.

4. Perfect for Beginners

If you’re completely new to the editing game, we reckon you’ve come to the right place to start. FXhome has you covered with its own tutorials.

HitFilm automatically opens a training project where you can follow and edit the first video step by step with the footage clips and audio already provided. 👌

5. Access to Stock Media

HitFilm has a great feature where all its creative assets are built-in. Instantly get access to a library of professional stock footage music sound effects and templates that you can use in your videos.

On the VFX side, they offer more advanced plugins just in case you’ve come across color correcting tracking objects or keying out anything or adding a simple lens flare.

Now keep in mind, that there’s a free section in each of these categories that you can use, but most of them do come with the upgraded pro version if you want access to all of them.

HitFilm Workflow

The last thing you want is an issue that takes up precious time and energy from your creative flow. Luckily FXhome has simplified the process to a point where it’s easy to understand and you can find everything you need while editing.

HitFilm import footage screenshot
FXhome Review – Import Footage
  • Step 1: Add your content to the media folder
  • Step 2: Edit media in your timeline
  • Step 3: Export to Youtube and other platforms

Remember if you need assistance or have questions about any topic, you can go straight to their online blog and forum. Wide-reaching support is available to answer you at any time.

FXhome Pricing

FXhome review pricing
FXhome Review – Pricing

The great thing about Artlist is that they keep things simple. The basic editing tools are free but if you want even cooler tricks at your fingertips then there are a couple of paid plans.  

Here is a quick breakdown of everything included in each plan.

FREE$6.25/month (billed annually)$10/month (billed annually)Custom
✔ HitFilm Software✔ HitFilm Creator✔ Hitfilm Pro✔ Pro Software + Content
✔ Unlimited HD exports✔ Imerge Creator✔ Imerge Pro✔ Customized Items
✔ 10 Royalty-free songs✔ Unlimited 4k exports✔ Mocha HitFilm✔ Customized Licenses
✔ 25 Sound effects✔ 100 Royalty-free songs✔ BorisFX 3D Objects✔ Premium Customer Support
✔ 5 Templates✔ 100 Sound effects✔ Foundry 3D Camera Tracker 
 ✔ 25 Templates✔ Unlimited exports up to 8K 
  ✔ 200 Royalty-free songs 
  ✔ 50 Templates 

They’ve also made it easier to access all the effects you’ll need when editing with the drag-and-drop transitions, ready-to-use presets, plug-ins, text tools, and much more.

Creators who would still rather make a one-time purchase of HitFilm, CamTrackAR, or any other of FXhome by Artlist products will still be able to do so.

Also, existing users won’t lose access to their perpetual licenses, which Artlist will continue to support and maintain. Those users can, of course, still upgrade to the new version of HitFilm to receive all the latest features and updates.

Is FXhome Worth it or Not?

✔ Easy to use✘ Not as powerful as FCP or PremierePro
✔ Instructional videos✘ Features are limited with the free version
✔ Simple/clever layout
✔ Edit footage in 8K

In short, Yes! FXhome offers a huge toolbox of media and VFX to work with. It can save you a ton of time and money in post-production. Basically, it does all the difficult stuff so you can get back to focusing on telling your story

Also, with all of their updates, tight net community, and plenty of tutorials and YouTube channel, pretty much anyone can get started making awesome content. It’s designed for everyone.

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