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Storyblocks Review (2022): Is it Legit or a Scam?

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

In this article, we give a quick review of Storyblocks, looking at stock media quality, pricing and website features.

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What is Storyblocks?

Founded as Videoblocks in 2009 by Joel Holland, Storyblocks is a website that allows users to download unlimited amounts of stock videos, photos, and music files.

The popularity of Storyblocks exploded in 2015. At that time, the platform reached an amazing 100,000 paying subscribers. From that moment on, Storyblocks became the largest stock video library on the web.

With unlimited downloads for a fixed and affordable monthly fee, Storyblocks remains one of the best options out there. 👍

Who Can Use It?

It’s perfect for video editors, filmmakers, YouTuber creators, agencies – you name it!

Anyone who wants to make great video content, fast, will enjoy using Storyblocks.

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How Does it Work?

Storyblocks review - collections
CollectionsStoryblocks Review

Once you have subscribed to Storyblocks (more on that later!), you will realise just how easy it is to use the platform.

Depending on what type of file you want (audio, video, or image) you simply need to navigate to the relevant section on the website. From there, you can either choose to search for a specific keyword or browse the available categories for more inspiration.

On the results page, you will also be able to filter by Frame Rate, Duration, Resolution, and more. This is a great feature, as it enables you to narrow down your search to exactly the right type of file.

Have you found something you love? Great, now you can select it and download it. You also have the possibility to select a file and add it to a collection of favourites.

And that’s it! Simple, quick, and super-efficient. Once your download is complete, you can use your file straight away.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the platform’s main features. Once you navigate to the Storyblocks website, you will see three different libraries:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images

Let’s jump right into each one of them…

1. Video

Storyblocks stock video search
Stock Video Search – Storyblocks Review

This section contains tons of high-quality, royalty-free video clips that are ready for instant download.

Finding the right clip for you is a cinch. Simply type in the relevant keyword(s) in the Search tab, and hit the magnifying glass icon. This will bring up all the videos that are related to your keyword.

Do you need some inspiration and don’t mind spending a bit more time searching for the perfect clip? Then, you can browse one of the available categories:

  • Stock Footage
  • Animated Background
  • After Effects Templates
  • Collections

In turn, each category offers you the possibility to explore dozens of sub-categories. This is excellent, as it enables you to make your search even more precise.

2. Audio

audio search
Audio Search Storyblocks Review

Do you need to add an audio file to your creative project? Then, select the Audio tab.

The available categories in this section are:

  • Royalty Free Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Collections

The audio library has thousands of files available, so you are bound to come across just the right track or sound effect for your project.

3. Images

image search
Image Search Storyblocks Review

What if you want your project or presentation to include some stunning photos? It’s simple: click on Images and start your search.

Here, you can browse the following categories:

  • Vectors
  • Illustrations
  • Photos
  • Collections

And access millions of beautiful, professional shots that can truly add the wow factor to your creative projects.

Lastly, Storyblocks has recently added a cool new feature: Maker. As the name suggests, this is all about editing your videos to make something truly unique. Want to hear something even better?

Maker is fully integrated with Storyblocks’ library. This makes it a breeze to create fantastic, custom videos in a fraction of the time.


Storyblocks pricing
PricingStoryblocks Review

So let’s begin with a disclaimer! Before subscribing to Storyblocks, you might want to check the updated pricing options directly on their website. These, in fact, might change at any given time, so always keep an eye on the latest updates.

At the time of writing, the platform offers the following options:


PLANHD footage4K footageAfter Effects TemplatesMusicSound EffectsImages
Unlimited Video
Unlimited Audio
Unlimited All Access


Companies looking to open a Storyblocks account should choose the Businesses option. This involves contacting Storyblocks directly to request a custom quote. The plan includes:

  • 4K Footage and HD Footage
  • After Effects Templates
  • Music Files and Sound Effects
  • Photos, Vectors, and Illustrations

Free Plans

For the time being, there is no real option to use Storyblocks for free. You can create a free account and start browsing the library, but all the files you have access to will be watermarked.

Interestingly, though, the platform does let users create a free Maker account. This can be quite handy if your main goal is to edit videos.

Storyblocks Review: Worth it or Not?

To sum up, with literally millions of high-quality stock media and affordable monthly plans, Storyblocks is a great choice for any filmmaker. Especially if you’re someone who needs stuff on a regular basis.

The website displays a user-friendly, intuitive, and friendly interface. The easy search function makes Storyblocks even more of a no-brainer if you are looking for professional stock files for your creative project.

And, if you are still not sold, then you can play around with it by opening a free account. This will give you a better idea of the type of files that you are going to find on the website.

When you are ready, you can move on to choosing the paid subscription option that works best for you.

So, in a nutshell: Storyblocks is indeed a great, conveniently-priced platform. It can really help you spice up your edit. Check out their website now. 😉

ArtGrid vs. Storyblocks

Artgrid was launched in 2019 by Artlist, one of the world’s top stock music sites. Their goal was to change the stock video industry with its extensive licensing and high-end footage.

Video quality sets Artgrid apart from other stock footage websites. Their videos are technically superb with real emotional value. It offers three main plans:

  1. Junior Plan – Unlimited downloads of all HD clips (h.264 format).
  2. Creator Plan – Unlimted downloads of all HD and 4K-8K clips (h.264 format and ProRes).
  3. Professional Plan – Unlimted downloads of all HD and 4K-8K clips (h.264 format, ProRes and Raw/LOG).

Here are a few of the main features below.

Founded 20162001
ServicesFootageFootage, Music, Sound Effects & Images
Free Trial2 months free trialNo free trial
Types of plans3 plans (Annual only)4 plans
Footage HD, 4K and 8KHD and 4K
Formath.264, ProRes & Raw LOGh.264
ArtGrid vs. Storyblocks Comparison Table

So if you’re looking for flexibility with pricing then Storyblocks would be the best option. However, if you’re after higher quality footage (but at a slightly higher price) then Artgrid might be a better choice for you.