Stock Music Guide

Need some quality stock music for your edit? no worries here is our complete guide on buying royalty-free music. 🎵

Music is responsible for much of what an audience feels when they watch a film or video. It’s an emotional amplifier, and one of the most powerful tools in the creative arsenal.

Without background music, films would be pretty boring and empty. Discover why stock music is perfect for taking your project to the next level!

Picking The Right Track

Scoring your videos is no easy task when you’re on a budget. You want music that invigorates your vision without costing an arm and a leg. So this is where stock music comes in. 

While there are dozens of sites out there, we tend to stick to a few key players depending on our budget, scope, and style of music.

When looking for royalty-free music for your video project it’s important to know your options. Here is a few articles to help you pick the right track.

Stock Music Licensing

Whether you’re making a home video to share with family and friends or a product demonstration video that’s going to be seen by millions, you need to make sure that you have permission to use the music in your film. That’s what music licensing is.

One thing to remember is that it’s a common misconception that ‘royalty-free’ means actually free. Royalty-free actually just means the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use, per each video used.

Remember, always check the licensing information before using a track. Here is a few more in depth articles on royalty-free music licensing to help get you up to speed.

Audio Production

When it comes to making videos, it can be easy to get caught up in the visuals. A video’s style, composition and use of special effects are sometimes the first factors on people’s minds.

However when you think about the experience of watching a video, the component that often has the most impact is the sound design. Here are a few articles on sound design to help enhance your video.

Final Thoughts on Stock Music..

To sum up, finding a great track for your next video might seem like a real challenge. If you manage to find the right stock music, it can enhance your edit like nothing else. At the same time, a bad tune might ruin the whole thing, giving it the wrong tone and message.

However, as with everything in video editing, it takes a little trial and error to understand what type of music works better for your project. So now you know where to find stock music and how to correctly use it you can move ahead with confidence. 💪

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more unique, you could always hire a freelance composer to create original, royalty-free music for your project