Start receiving applications from talented freelancers in 3 easy steps..

Step 1. Post a job and include as much detail as possible (e.g location, budget, skills & filming dates).
Step 2. Once your job is live applications are sent directly to your nominated email address.
Step 3. Select the right freelancer and get cracking with your project!

Search for a freelancer directly..

Step 1. Search for a freelancer based on skills and location – check out their profile.
Step 2. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to unlock the contact form.
Step 3. Contact your freelancer and even benefit from the special introductory discount.*


Do I communicate with the freelancer through your site?
No we won’t be tying you up in contracts, trying to manage your process or taking a percentage. We will provide the tools to easily find the right creative talent and then let you get on with it privately.

Do all freelancers provide a discount* and how much is it?
The majority do however some freelancers may not provide a discount (this is stated on their profile), it can differ per person but usually anything from 5% to 15%. With all discounts this is an introductory discount on the first job.

Can I find work on Video Collective?
You can indeed! All you need to do is post a resume