YAFTA Film & TV Production Courses

YAFTA Film & TV Production Courses

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If you’re looking for training to take you into a career in the film and television industry, you’re probably looking for something practical, right?

And if so, you’ve probably realised that a lot of the traditional courses are theory-based, not to mention protracted and expensive.

If the length of university degrees are putting you off or the cost of tuition fees makes pursuing your dream career look unfeasible, don’t be discouraged.

What you might not know is that the modern film and TV industry is fast-paced and growing and therefore not always best served by traditional training. The good news is there are alternatives out there to connect you with the industry you want to be part of.

The YAFTA production courses provide just that!

With the advent of two new Diploma courses; Screenwriting and Film & TV Production, to join the Acting for Screen Diploma, YAFTA now trains creatives for each of the major elements of the film and television industry.

If you’re wanting to work behind the camera or in the writers’ room there are now unique, new pathways into the industry.

Film & Television Production Diploma

The YAFTA Film and Television Production Diploma is a 12 month, part time, blended learning course offering practical training that is designed to be more practical, intensive and more affordable than a degree. If you’re wanting the gain the technical knowledge and skills required to start work in film and television take a look at the Film and TV Production Diploma.

The first of its kind to be run in the North of the UK, this practical course combines training to cultivate both industry understanding and technical ability.

As a Production Diploma student you’ll be introduced to the different roles in film and TV production and have the opportunity to undertake those roles, giving you a thorough understanding of pre-production, production and post-production and the abilities to produce quality content.

You’ll learn about the realities of film and television from experienced industry professionals currently working on major UK productions and channels including Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, BBC and Nickelodeon.

This means the Diploma provides not only excellent practical training but also unrivalled networking opportunities.

Applied Screenwriting Diploma

If you’re a writer looking to make your mark with screenplays you’ll appreciate that screenwriting is a specific skill and one which cannot simply be taught theoretically.

The best screenwriters understand how their writing will translate onto screen and also how the filming and editing process works.

The YAFTA Applied Screenwriting Diploma is a 12 month course which provides not only technical training in writing for screen from an established screenwriter (credits include Casualty, Soldier Soldier and The Bill) but also networking opportunities and practical experience.

As a Screenwriting Diploma student you will have the opportunity to experience the full process with your projects being produced and developed by the YAFTA Film & TV Production Diploma students and the YAFTA Acting for Screen Diploma students.

The Diploma offers a unique learning experience through a holistic, interactive approach.

In addition to this it provides a comprehensive foundation if you’re wanting to build a screenwriting career but is also an excellent option if you’re a director or producer wishing to move into writing your own work.

Acting for Screen Diploma

If being in front of the camera is more your scene, YAFTA also offers professional acting training through their original Diploma course, the 18 month Acting for Screen Diploma.

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