Film Production Cover Letter

How To Write A Film Production Cover Letter [FREE Template]

In this guide, we explain the structure of a film production cover letter in detail. There is also a free cover letter template at the end (pretty sweet right!).

Did you know that even professional freelancers write cover letters?

This is because, unless you know the person hiring you, it is likely you will be getting hired online.

Either through an online job or email application so you will need a cover letter. Also, you will also need to adapt your film production cover letter per application.

Full-Time Jobs

production assistant cover letter

Firstly, there are different types of jobs in the film industry, most notably full-time contracted positions and freelance work. In particular, if you are applying for a full-time job, your application method will be longer and more formal.

In addition to this, full-time jobs tend to hire with online job applications. This generally means filling out an online questionnaire before submitting your film resume and cover letter. You need to attach your resume as a PDF document and copy/paste your cover letter into a text box.

When writing a full-time film production cover letter, make sure to carefully read the job description. Full-time job descriptions tend to bullet point what they are looking for from a candidate. So, make sure you touch upon all of these bullet points when writing your cover letter.

For example, if the job description asks for previous admin skills, write a sentence, or two about any past admin work experience.

Freelance Jobs

cover letter for film internship

It’s likely if you’re applying for a production crew role that you will be a freelancer. If so, this will mean working on a job by job basis, on short-term contracts.

Compared to a full-time job application, a freelance film production cover letter is shorter and often less formal.

This is because you will most likely be applying through a film job site, or emailing people directly. Film job sites often have a smaller text space for cover letters. Alternatively, if you are sending a job application into someone’s inbox, the email itself is the cover letter.

To put it another way, when applying for freelance jobs, you don’t need to attach a cover letter to an email. Your email is the cover letter, and you only need to attach a resume.

Here is a list of differences for freelance cover letters.

  • Freelance cover letters are shorter and less formal
  • You will be sending out a lot of job applications every year
  • The email text is the cover letter as opposed to an attachment
  • You will attach your resume to the email in PDF format

Film Production Cover Letter Structure


Firstly, introduce yourself with a simple hi or hello; you don’t need to be too formal. If you know the name of the person, you are emailing be sure to use it. In the first sentence of the film production cover letter introduce yourself and what position you are applying for.


Hello Thomas, my name is Amy Clarke, and I am applying for the script supervisor position on your upcoming production.

First Paragraph

Secondly, you can mention some more details about yourself in the first few sentences. Such as where you found the job, your location, your education, experience and skills. Your goal is to let the reader know from the start that you are a great candidate that meets their requirements.


I have 5 years of experience working on independent feature films and shorts. Including past experience working on films within your genre. I also live locally, and I am free during the production dates.

Second Paragraph

Afterward, you can write a second paragraph that gives additional reasons to hire you. Read through the job description and make sure to touch upon any job requirements. Also, film production job ads might ask what equipment you own, or for a breakdown of previous experience on similar projects. Your goal is to show that you can do the job well and are reliable.


Additionally, I own my own car and have digital Script-E equipment. This allows me to quickly and accurately send all of my project files to the production office and editor at the end of each working day.

Call To Action

To conclude, your film production cover letter, end with a call to action. Examples include; Find my film resume attached and check out my showreel link. You could also ask to meet up or set up a zoom chat to discuss the project in more detail. Your goal is to encourage the reader to get in touch.


Thank you for your time, I have attached my resume with a list of previous work credits. If you want to talk more about the project this week, I am happy to meet up, or we can organise a zoom chat.


Finally, if applying via email, make sure to attach your resume as PDF. You can also place links to your portfolio or showreel if needed.  If you want to include links to social media or LinkedIn, you can do this with an email signature.

FREE Film Production Cover Letter Template

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, film production cover letters are important. It could potentially be what’s standing between you and your new job.

So, take your time when applying, it’s better to send out one great application than ten careless ones.

How do you apply for film jobs online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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