Job Roles

Want to work in the film industry? Find out all you need to know about key job roles on a film set.

Browse a wide range of film crew positions from directing and editing to costume design. Learn about duties, education, training, salary, and finding work.


Film director

Film Director

A film director is the most competitive job role in the film industry. Almost every person in the film industry has dreamt of directing at


Set designer

Set Designer

The set designer drafts and creates the sets that appear in the film. They work in the art department with the production designer.  In this

Casting director

Casting Director

Does the idea of working with actors interest you? If so, you might want to be a casting director. The casting director finds actors for

Director of photography

Director of Photography

One of the most crucial positions on a film set is the director of photography. Yet, surprisingly, many people don’t know about this job role

What is a script supervisor

Script Supervisor

We look at script continuity and the job role of the script supervisor. This position is essential but often overlooked on independent film sets. When

What Is a Costume Designer

Costume Designer

In this article, we look at the role of the costume designer and also the importance of costume in film. The costume designer creates and

Location Manager Film Career Guide

Location Manager

In this article, we will explore the role of the film location manager. Your location choice determines how your audience interprets a scene. It must

Production Designer

Production Designer

In this article, you’ll learn about the career of a film set production designer. If you’re interested in the visual side of filmmaking but not

1st Assistant Director

1st Assistant Director

The 1st Assistant Director is the director’s right-hand person. They manage the film crew so that the director can focus on the actor’s performance. It’s


Sound designer

Sound Designer

The film sound designer creates the soundtrack of the film. They work within post-production and use a range of audio from sound effects, dialogue and

FIlm Editor Career

Film Editor

A film editor cuts together raw footage into sequences. To put it another way, editing is the practice of assembling shots in the order in