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Checkout our blog and stay up to date on all the latest gear, editing software, and industry news with our helpful video production articles. Video Collective is proud and pleased to offer insight into the world of cinematography, video editing, videography, motion design, color grading, and everything pre to post-production.

what does a 2nd assistant director do

Film Career Guide: 2nd Assistant Director

Reading Time: 3 minutes What does a 2nd assistant director do? Before working on a film set, be sure to understand everyone’s individual job roles and responsibilities. The 2nd assistant director is the key assistant to the 1st assistant director. Together they work within the AD department to help the director organise both cast and crew during production. It’s

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Blocking A Scene For Film & TV (Quick Guide)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Blocking a scene is when a director rehearses the actor’s choreography before you start filming. It’s a crucial part of production and happens before filming every scene. This process is necessary to show everyone on set what to expect from the shooting day. Not to mention, it provides time to plan lighting and camera setup.

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How To Be A Successful YouTuber

How To Be A Successful YouTuber (7 Easy Tips)

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this article, we look at how to be a successful YouTuber, including tips on equipment, marketing, monetization and where to find inspiration to create unique content. Calling all video bloggers or tech-savvy folks: If you have started or are thinking of how to make a successful youtube channel, there are some crucial steps you

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