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Video Collective is a network for people seeking professional freelance Film Crew & Camera Crew in the UK. Whether you need a freelance videographer, freelance video editor, freelance animator or freelance filmmaker you’ve come to the right place. Sourcing the right production crew doesn’t have to be a major issue so let us do the difficult bit. Post a Job for FREE or search profiles below by skills, location and daily rates to contact freelancers directly.

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We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive databases of qualified film crew. We have camera crew & production crew (freelance videographers, video editors, animators) across London and the UK. Once you have found someone who you think is suitable you can either contact them directly or download their CV.

How to Select the Best Film Crew or Camera Crew for your Production

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Simply browse over 150,000 verified professional freelance film crew. Search by location (London and the UK), daily rates, skills (e.g. video editing, animation, videography) or by keyword.

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You can also feature your job which puts it directly in front of the best film crew out there. This helps you attract higher quality candidates with unique production skills to add to your project.

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Keep track of every application to your job in one place. Instead of wrangling endless cover letters and resumes in your email inbox, you can easily compare applicants on our platform.

Video Collective is a UK community of experienced film crew and video production professionals. We have many freelance videographers, freelance video editors, animators and filmmakers who apply on the site.

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