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Epidemic Sound Discount Code

30 Day Free Trial At Epidemic Sound

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Yes that’s right you can now get 30 days free with our exclusive Epidemic Sound discount code.

Freelancers have to put on a ton of different hats every single day. Not only do you need to be a creator, but you also need to be an accountant, a negotiator and so on.

Epidemic Sound helps you avoid the legalities of copyright and royalties, and lets you get back to creating and making money!

How much does it cost?

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Firstly, pricing is very flexible and they offer two different types of licensing:

  • Personal – For individuals soundtracking content on their personal channels. £10/Month or £96/Year
  • Commercial – For freelancers and businesses soundtracking commercial productions. £39/Month or £239/Year

Both licences benefit from unlimited access to their catalogue (make sure you use our Epidemic Sound discount code).

★ Epidemic Sound Discount code ★

Best of all, prices can be managed through annual subscriptions rather than individual licensing costs. This helps you as a freelancer better budget and manage the expense of the production for your clients.

As a freelancer, after you sign up for a Commercial Plan, all you’ll need to do is submit the URL of a published video and Epidemic Sound will clear them for you!

As a company, they work with freelancers every single day and love to see the work you’re creating. They makes it easy to know exactly what to expect and offers total transparency.

Instead of quoting based upon an estimate of a single track license, you can incorporate it into the overall cost of the project. This saves you time, stress and ultimately helps you make MORE money.

What do they offer?

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★ Epidemic Sound Discount code ★

Epidemic’s library contains over 30,000 high-quality tracks and 60,000 sound effects, with more added every single day. Their Commercial Plan comes with unlimited access to the entire library, usage on every main video platform, monetization, and simple clearance for ALL client productions (psst we have Epidemic Sound discount code link at the top).

There’s a common sentiment about video projects and the importance of audio. While video is a visual medium, the audio has a more dramatic impact than we realize. Poor quality audio is more damaging to a person’s experience than poor quality video.

Get awesome music with our Epidemic Sound discount code!

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As a freelancer, you can’t skip a beat when it comes to the audio profile of your video project.

By using high-quality music and sound effects, your video will be better received by both the client and the audience. The sound is what enables you to create rich sounding, high impact videos.

Epidemic Sound allows you to stop worrying about finding high-quality royalty-free music and sound effects, and get back to creating. So stop wasting time with boring stock music and use our Epidemic Sound discount code to get 30 days for free!