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Soundstripe Discount Code [20% Off] Nov 2022

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You’ll be pleased to hear we now have a 20% Soundstripe discount code for all subscriptions.

Whether you’re a wedding videographer, content creator, marketer, or someone in between, you’ve likely asked the question: Where am I going to find exceptional music to compliment my video?

We understand first-hand how difficult and challenging it can be to secure good, complimentary royalty-free music for your video.

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Top Notch Quality

Soundstripe is a stock music and sound effects site created for filmmakers and video producers.

Subsequently, they offer a wide range of high-quality royalty-free songs, and their unlimited licensing model is one-of-a-kind in the industry (especially with our 20% Soundstripe discount code!).

Create More With Our Soundstripe Discount Code

Firstly, getting access to unlimited royalty-free music means you can create more of the content you love (make sure you use our 10% Soundstripe discount code).

Secondly, get inspired with music that elevates your video production value and sets the perfect tone.

Finally, having the Soundstripe library at your fingertips empowers you in a unique way, because now song selection can happen at any stage in your creative process.

Soundstripe promo code

Simple Royalty Free Music Licensing

Soundstripe gives you a single royalty-free license that covers you no matter what your video is used for.

No complicated agreements, or usage restrictions. Just hit the “download” button, and a new SINGLE USE license for that particular song – on that particular project – is generated.

For example, you can use that same song multiple times for different projects. Just hit the download button again, for however many times you use it. This does two things:

  1. It keeps you legal with licensing on all of your projects
  2. It allows us to pay their amazing artists properly. It’s that simple.

Find the Perfect Music Track

Trying to find the right music for your project can take hours and send you into a virtual black hole.

However, their extensive library makes it easy to find the right royalty-free music for your video. At Soundstripe, they generally add around 200 new, quality tracks each month.

While a library this extensive may sound daunting, its granular search functions make it easy to navigate.

Therefore, their music collections and playlists optimize your time and keep you creating (psst make sure you use our 10% Soundstripe discount code!).

Expect Only the Best

To sum up, Soundstripe represents only the best musical talent.

As a result, they hand select every song that goes into the catalogue and meticulously curate each playlist with the most relevant songs.

They keep this part of the process top priority so you can rest assured that our standard for quality music is unmatched in the industry. If they don’t settle, why should you?

So stop paying more. Stop wasting precious time. Use our Soundstripe discount code and give them a try.

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