Audiio Review (2024): Worth it or Not?

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In this review, we test out Audiio by looking at music quality, pricing, and website features.

Audiio is quickly establishing itself as a high-quality yet accessible music licensing platform. We take you through everything you need to know so you can decide if it’s the right option for you.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Get 70% off the Pro subscription. High-quality unlimited royalty-free music + SFX for $16.60/month. That’s got to be worth a try! 🙌

What is Audiio?

Audiio is a music licensing library that gives filmmakers unlimited access to royalty music and sound effects for a range of purposes. It is one of several new music licensing platforms based on a flat-rate model for licensing its tracks.

Members pay a flat rate for access to music and sound effects, and by doing so they can license and use as much music as they need.

Who is Audiio for?

Firstly, Audiio was created with independent creators in mind. The platform caters well for content creators, YouTubers, TikTokers, and vloggers. It is also useful for video freelancers, as the license provided covers client work and advertising. Members can use audio in films, videos, podcasts, video games, and more.

The only restrictions are using music on broadcast TV, streaming services, and nationally distributed theatrical films. However, you do have the option to upgrade licensing to cover those uses as well. 👍

When you subscribe to Audiio, you have unlimited access to music available in its libraries. However, they do limit users to 40 downloads per day as a precautionary measure against bots.


The Audiio platform offers a pretty straightforward, easy-to-use experience. There is a main search page where you can access all of the different features and collections that Audiio has to offer. This page has a vertical menu on the left-hand side that you navigate from. This allows users to explore music and sound effects libraries, create playlists, save favorites, and more.

There’s not much of a learning curve with the Audiio platform. Everything is pretty clearly laid out in front of you and intuitive to navigate. You’ll do all your navigating from a vertical menu on the left that includes the following options:

  • Music: Provides access to the main library of music. Here you can browse songs and explore different search filters.
  • SFX: The library of all of Audiio’s sound effects. It is displayed more as a curated collection than a searchable library.
  • Playlists: Audiio offers curated playlists categorized by moods, genres, and more.
  • Favorites: Users have the ability to favorite music and SFX, and when you do it will show up here for easy access.
  • Recent: A log of your recently played tracks.
  • Create: Allows users to create their own personal playlists.

As you switch between menu items, the main panel changes accordingly. The menu remains fixed, though, so the user experience feels more similar to using Spotify than a browser-based platform.


Browse music
Browse Musc – Audiio Review

The Music library located at the top of the main navigation menu is probably where you’ll do most of your searching. When it’s selected, Audiio’s full music library will appear in the main panel. There are several ways to narrow down your search by using the filters provided on the left side of the music library panel.

MoodAllows you to search by or exclude certain moods for songs e.g aggressive, chill, and cheerful.
GenreIf you have a certain genre of music that you’re looking for, this filter offers all the main genres of music for you to add or exclude.
InstrumentThose looking to feature a specific instrument have the option of searching for music using this filter.
Video ThemeFind music to fit your video quickly, whether it’s for a vlog, corporate video, food, or sports. Many themes are available.
BuildNarrow down tracks by their musical “build,” i.e. if and how it crescendos.
BPM (45-250)Refine your search based on the song tempo (beats per minute) you are looking for.
VocalsThe vocals filter allows you to choose from ambient, female, male etc
Duration (0:00-12:00)Want a specific song length? this filter uses a slider to allow you to specify minimum and maximum duration.
Instrument OnlyToggle this on to search for instrumental tracks.
Lyrical OnlySelect this filter to only present tracks that have vocals.

Audiio allows you to add and combine as many filters as you’d like to refine your search. It offers a lot of control over your search and gives users the ability to narrow down their search quickly. Also, it’s also easy to add and remove individual filters without having to start your entire search from the beginning.


Audiio review - browse sfx
Browse SFX – Audiio Review

The next main menu item is SFX, which is how you access Audiio’s library of sound effects. Given that this library isn’t as large as the music library and that it can be trickier to use filters to search sound effects, Audiio organizes its SFX into curated collections and categories.

When you select SFX, the top of the panel will show a button with the option to search all of the sound effects. This search is done by keyword.

As you scroll down the panel, you will see three different sections:

  • Cinematic Collections
  • Featured Categories
  • More Categories

Each section has different categories that you can click on to browse SFX that fall into it.


Browse playlists
Browse Playlists – Audiio Review

When the Playlists menu item is selected, you’re presented with a selection of playlists curated and created by Audiio. The primary view displays all of the playlists available. You can toggle this view by clicking Moods or Genres, which narrows down the playlists you see based on those filters.


Under Playlists, you’ll find your Favorites library, which is where every track you’ve favorited will show up. You favorite a song or SFX by clicking the heart icon next to it. Favorited music and favorited SFX are divided into two different sections.


The Recent section is simply a chronological display of your recently played tracks. This is a useful reference for when you’ve been browsing through a lot of music and want to go back and re-listen to certain tracks without having to search for them all over again.


Create lets you build your own custom playlists according to your preferences. You can create project-specific playlists, for example. Or build a playlist with your go-to tracks that you know you’re going to use a lot.


Audiio review - pricing
Pricing – Audiio Review

Compared to other royalty-free music platforms Audiio is different as it offers a flat-rate subscription model. There are three different subscription options to choose from. All of them offer unlimited downloads to either music or SFX, or both.

Because it is a newer, developing platform, Audiio is offering two early adoption subscriptions that only require payment once and provide access to the platform for life. If you are not using the audio for TV, OTT streaming, or theatrical release, this is the way to go.

Lifetime MusicLifetime SFXAudiio Pro
$299 billed one time$199 billed one time$199 billed annually
Access to the music library 
Access to SFX library 
Universal license
Unlimited downloads
Lifetime license
New music added daily 
New SFX added daily 
YouTube monetization
No upgrade fees (for TV, OTT, theatrical use) 

Audiio – Worth it or Not?

✔ Unlimited music and SFX downloads✘ No monthly pricing
✔ Simple pricing (lifetime subscription available)✘ No free trial
✔ Clean interface✘ Library is not as big as other platforms
✔ High-quality music
✔ Universal license

In short, Yes! If you’re a content creator, freelancer, or small agency that needs music, it’s hard to beat Audiio. For the same price as other stock music sites, you get access to their entire library for life.

Even if there are times when you need to upgrade the license you still have the option to do so as needed under the lifetime plan. Audiio is an up-and-coming platform that is well laid out and super easy to use.


Is the music royalty-free?

Yes, the music available on Audiio is royalty-free as long as it used is within the terms of the usage license.

What does the Audiio license cover?

The license covers an unlimited number of downloads for your content, including your personal and client projects. Their license covers virtually all uses of music in videos, podcasts, video gaming, films, advertisements, and more.

Does my Audiio license cover client use?

Yes. Your content is covered for promotional use for client projects.

Can I share my videos on my YouTube channel?

Yes, YouTube monetization is covered in all licenses on Audiio.

Can I cancel my Audiio subscription?

Yes, you are eligible for a refund up to 14 days after the initial purchase.

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