Script Rewriting For Beginners (6 Basic Steps)

Script Rewriting

It’s a phrase we all fear.. script rewriting. However, almost every screenwriter will share the adage “writing is rewriting.” Certainly, we would all like to get our film script right on the first pass. However, due to the number of details involved, script rewriting is an inevitable part of the process. 1. Interpreting Notes Maybe […]

Tips on Writing Film Dialogue

Writing film dialogue

This article is an introduction to an artful element of screenwriting that maintains a degree of mystery – script dialogue. Alfred Hitchcock famously criticized American films as “pictures of people talking.” While screenwriters should always opt to show rather than tell, learning to write film dialogue is an essential skill. Tricks & Craft of Writing […]

Script Coverage (How To Deal With Bad Feedback)

Script coverage

This article will focus on script coverage and how to keep a positive attitude while navigating bad feedback and projects that fall short. Thumbs down. Bomb. Page one-rewrite. While these are the most fatalistic forms of feedback, knowing how to manage unfavourable script coverage is an essential skill. Manage Expectations Firstly, it’s easy for students […]

How To Pitch A Script

How to pitch a script

So, you’ve learned how to write a script. However, probably the most underrated skill set of any filmmaker is the ability to pitch a script. A good pitch allows people to envision your script within their imaginations. Therefore, it’s essential that writers, producers, and directors know how to pitch a script. What Is A Pitch? […]

Screenwriting Jobs: 5 Tips On How to Find Them

Screenwriting Jobs

Have you been scouring the internet in search of screenwriting jobs? don’t worry! Back in the glory days of the Hollywood Studio system, an aspiring screenwriter could find a job on the lot and work their way into the writers room. In contrast, the modern screenwriting landscape would be unrecognisable to studio legends like Preston […]

Scriptwriting Techniques For Short Films

Scriptwriting Techniques

In this article we look at a few different scriptwriting techniques to create your first short film. We’ve all seen shelves at bookstores and libraries packed full of books about how to write movies. You can probably list some from memory: Syd Field’s Screenplay, Robert McKee’s Story, Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat!. However, while these […]

How to Start Your Career as a Screenwriter

Screenwriter career

We’ve all heard stories about writers propelling themselves to stardom by selling their first script. While bits and pieces of a screenwriter career have been glamorized, many aspects of starting out get omitted. This article will focus on ways you can create opportunities for yourself as an early-career screenwriter. Best Festivals/Competitions to Enter Film festivals […]

How to Write a Short Film (Essential Guide)

How to write a short film

So you’ve made the decision to write a short film. Great! You set your alarm early, brew a pot of coffee, pull up Final Draft, and type FADE IN. There’s only one small problem: You don’t know how to write a script. Don’t worry! There are many tricks for selecting your first script, especially if […]