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10 Best Stock Video Sites in 2024 [Royalty Free]

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Looking for stock video sites to find awesome royalty-free footage? No problem we’re going to show you the best ones out there!

Whether you’re editing content for a client or a full Hollywood movie, stock video is an important part of every video editor’s toolkit.

We’re often asked by people if we know of any good stock video sites for their last-minute projects. Luckily, over the last 5 years, the amount of websites that sell quality stock footage has increased.

Our Best Stock Video Sites

So, without further ado, here are the best stock video sites we’ve tested based on quality, pricing, licensing, and ease of use.

1. Artlist


💰 Get 2 months free at Artlist! 💰

Artlist was launched in 2019 and is one of the world’s top stock music sites. Their plan is to change the stock video industry with its easy licensing and high-end footage.


  • Unlimited downloads.
  • A yearly subscription gives full access to their library.
  • A license that covers use on any platform.
  • Any clip you download is yours forever.
  • Pro subscribers get access to Raw and LOG files.
  • Most of the stock footage comes in 4K & 8K.

Originally they created Artgrid as a separate site for stock video but have recently merged everything under Artlist. This means you can buy a subscription for footage only or go for Artlist Max which includes music and SFX as well.

Also, with 3 footage subscription plans, there’s something for all types of creators. Each of them differs in the resolution and format of the footage available to download.

So if you’re looking for an affordable high-end stock video site and you want an unlimited license that covers everything, then Artlist is for you.

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2. Envato Elements


💰 Get 57% off at Envato Elements 💰

Envato Elements is a collection of marketplaces including VideoHive, PhotoDune, AudioJungle, and GraphicRiver. It’s a powerhouse of stock media content with 11+ million creative assets.


  • More than 3.5 million stock videos.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • One license
  • Stock video footage is of great quality (HD & 4K).
  • Search clips by keywords, resolution, frame rates, or length.

As a video editor, it can take time to find stock media, from different sources. But with Envato Elements, you get access to everything for a monthly fee (with one simple license) all under one roof.

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3. Soundstripe


💰 Get 20% off at Soundstripe! 💰

Soundstripe was the first stock media company to offer unlimited access to royalty-free music on a subscription basis. Now they’ve launched a new stock video site, which brings everything creators loved about their music library to video. 


  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Licensing process is simple.
  • Their licenses protect your work forever.
  • Soundstripe’s library includes over 70,000 stock video clips to choose from.
  • Stock videos are carefully curated by their in-house creative team.
  • The Standard of the stock footage is outstanding (available from HD to 8k). 

Also, Soundstripe’s library is super simple to navigate. You can check out their handpicked playlists or filter videos by artist, frame rate, shot detail, and theme. 

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4. RawFilm


💰 Get 15% off at RawFilm! 💰

RawFilm is a subscription-based stock footage platform with real cinematic 8K content. Advertising agencies and experienced filmmakers use RawFilm for their quality. 


  • Cinematic video clips are shot on high-end cameras.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • All clips are available in 4K & 8K (RAW + ProRes).
  • Story-driven footage collections.
  • Unlimited, hassle-free worldwide use licensing.
  • Simple website layout.

So if you’re looking for real, authentic stock footage at the highest possible standard, then RawFilm should be your first choice!



💰 Get 10% off at FILMPAC! 💰

FILMPAC is a new premium stock footage and stock music site consisting of world-class content. It offers condensed collections of footage that are curated to help streamline your editing process.


  • Unlimited video + music downloads
  • Hand-picked collections with regular weekly updates
  • Watermarked previews
  • Royalty-free forever
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Full coverage on any platform worldwide

FILMPAC keeps things nice and simple by offering 3 main subscription plans for all types of video creators. This means from Youtubers to commercial productions, you’ll find one that will fit perfectly within your budget.

6. Shutterstock


💰 Get 15% off at Shutterstock! 💰

Shutterstock offers simple pricing which makes it ideal if you want multiple video clips or just one. You pay slightly more for HD and 4K footage over SD video clips.


  • Huge library of over 1.4 million stock videos.
  • Stock footage on Shutterstock is of extremely high quality.
  • You can search video clips by resolution, frames per second & length.
  • Wide range of categories like buildings, wildlife, art, and more.
  • New videos are added every week.

Also, the pricing has changed recently and is very reasonable with the ability to buy a monthly subscription or clip packs.

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7. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

With a clear layout, good quality, and friendly pricing, Adobe Stock is one of our favorite stock video sites.


  • Huge library of stock footage.
  • The right balance between quality and price.
  • A mix of media types for any project.
  • Every video clip is handpicked.
  • Adobe Stock is continually working on their website to make it easy to use.

Adobe Stock also offers a 30 Day free trial which allows you to download 10 free images and then cancel within the first month!

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8. Pond5


💰 Get 20% off at Pond5! 💰

Firstly, with almost 2.1 million HD video clips on offer, Pond5 is a big marketplace for stock footage.


  • Thousands of videos are added daily.
  • Upload your own video to see similar footage.
  • Addon for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Wide variety of stock footage for celebration, lifestyle, animal, business, and more.
  • Nice split search with the catalog at the top.

We enjoy finding content on Pond5 as it offers a good selection of stock videos and is reasonably priced. Also, the membership pricing is simple and clear.

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9. iStock


💰 Get 15% off at iStock! 💰

iStock was originally known as iStockPhoto but then changed to account for the range of content on the site. Video editors, bloggers, brands, and filmmakers flock to the site to find quality stock videos.


  • iStock is one of the most well-known stock video sites on our list.
  • Flexible payment options (purchase a subscription or credit packs).
  • Use the search filters to select quality, aspect ratio, and keywords.
  • Free HD video clip to download per month from the site.

Most importantly, iStock is a trusted brand and a well-established company so you’re sure to find high-quality stock videos.

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10. Depositphotos


💰 Get 20% off at Depositphotos! 💰

Depositphotos is a great stock media platform with over 11 million videos. Also, with clever AI-based search filters and collections, finding the right footage in the Depositphotos stock library is quick and easy.


  • Royalty-free footage under Standard and Extended licenses
  • Hand-picked collections with regular weekly updates
  • Fresh high-quality videos from over 100,000 contributors from around the world
  • Content available for personal and commercial use
  • AI-based search filters  
  • The website is available in 26 languages

Depositphotos offers both subscription and on-demand pricing which is handy if you only need a few clips. With subscriptions, you get unlimited access to HD and 4K videos and the ability to transfer unused downloads to the next month.

Comparing Stock Video Site Pricing

Still not sure? Here is a quick breakdown of each stock video site and what’s included so you can compare. To make it easy we’ve tried to compare similar pricing plans on each site.

WebsiteSubscription PriceDownloadsFree TrialDiscount
Artlist$29.99/month (paid annually)Unlimited2 Months Free
Envato Elements$16.50/month (paid annually)Unlimited57% Off
Soundstripe$33.99/month (paid annually)Unlimited20% Off
FILMPAC$24.92/month (paid annually)Unlimited10% Off
Storyblocks$30/month (paid annually)Unlimited
RawFilm$58.65/month (paid annually)1000 clips/year15% Off
Depositphotos$16.66/month (paid annually)25 videos/month20% Off
Shutterstock$119/month (paid annually)30 videos/month15% Off
iStock$165/month (paid annually)25 videos/month15% Off
Adobe Stock$199.99/month (paid annually)25 videos/month
Pond5$199/month (paid annually)10 videos/month20% Off
Subscription Pricing Comparison Chart

Wrapping Up

To sum up, stock video is an easy and cost-effective way to help enhance an edit. Obviously, most production companies or freelancers will film their own content. However, if needed they will mix it in with a bit of stock video.

Do you have any more stock video sites to recommend? Post a comment and let us know.

Stock Video FAQ

What Are Stock Videos?

Stock video, also known as B-roll, is pre-filmed footage that can be purchased and used in a variety of ways. It can be licensed for any project and saves filmmakers the time and money of filming their own footage.

What Does Royalty-Free Mean?

This means that after paying a one-time fee, you can use the footage you’ve purchased as many times as you want. Depending on the usage license (which can differ) you never have to pay any additional fees. It doesn’t mean the footage itself is free! 😉

How Does Stock Video Licensing Work?

Stock video licensing is exactly what it sounds like – it’s the legal process of paying to license video content for any other project. Luckily, all stock video sites sell footage with a usage license.

Getting a usage means you’re able to use the footage you buy without having to pay the original artist every time it’s used. Basically, it’s a fixed license that determines where you can use the footage and how many times it can be used.

Obviously, some sites can vary slightly in the number of usages and where so it’s best to check their own licensing page. 🤓

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